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Johnny Leon / Director

The 35-year-old Chilean director has a 10-year trajectory directing music videos. Graduated in 2007, he specialized in Cinema from the Duoc UC professional institute. He began his film career in the photography area starting in 2008. His role as Director began in 2012 with his first project called “Hay Luz” for the Chilean rapper Hordatoj. This project prompted him to become one of the most renowned music video directors in the international urban scene.
Working for artists like Movimiento Original, Drefquila, Jonas Sanchez and Flor de Rap to name a few.

Awarded in 2016 in the Best Director and Best Video clip category with the project “Man in the mirror” by the band DMT.

The Director already has 2 nominations in the Best Director category at the Pulsar Awards, an organization that rewards national  artists. 

Today he is based in Miami working with international artists like Chris Tamayo and Darrel and with projects shown on MTV and Much Music.

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