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lisandro vazquez / director + Editor

In the fall of 1989 the young filmmaker Lisandro R. Vazquez (AKA The Kraken) saw the light for the first time. Having dedicated all of his early youth to the study of acting and dramatic arts, he arrives in the USA in the spring of 2013 and focuses all of his attention on photography and cinematographic art.

Determined to share his visual and narrative concerns with the world, he entered the Film Academy (CCAT), based in Miami and Puerto Rico, to study Editing. He graduates with very happy results in the Summer of 2019 to join the creative team of KPRA FILMS as an assistant editor, where he develops and grows professionally along with other colleagues in the industry such as Hernan Herrera, Israel Consuegra, Liz Lopez, Luis Santana, Johnny Leon, Yusuke Hagiwara and many other filmmakers.

Thus, with more than 300 shoots, a solid base of Actoral Direction and a serious inclination towards visual narration and photography, this young director begins to gain his space within the audiovisual scene of 21st century Miami.

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