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Yusuke Hagiwara / Director of photography

Chilean Japanese cinematographer, stablishws as a filmmaker in Chile. In 2012 he moved for a year to Rome, Italy, where he specialized in cinematography at the Cinecimà studios, with outstanding teachers such as Giuseppe Lanci (Andrei Tarkovsky's director of photography), a 2- day masterclass with Vittorio Storaro, Alessandro Pesci , among others.

He returns to Chile where he begins to develop his career as a cinematographer as well as in fashion, advertising and music videos with a very fresh look and a modern style, working for brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Roberto Cavalli for Falabella, Karl Lagerfeld for Falabella, Avon, Burger King, Virgin Mobile, Metro by T Mobile and also for the music industry with artists such as "De la Ghetto", Lunay, Lenny Tavarez, Jquiles, Cris MJ, Darell, Polima Westcoast among others.

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